Saturday, April 3, 2010

Signature Dogs

Citizens Bank Park is a beautiful stadium. No bad seats in the house. Even though a hotdog is 5 bucks and it's been sitting in its own steamy foil sock, it is still delicious.

So imagine these super split down the middle grilled dogs with 3 topping choices that DON'T come in the foil sock, how delicious they are in the middle of the 3rd inning. We went with the Old Philadelphia and the Summer Dog. Both hands down delicious. They are at the Signature dog Hatfield stand in the 120'something section of the stadium and they are 5.75 each or you can get the 3 dog sample for 15 bucks. You can still get the just grilled with no toppings dog for 3.75 and you may as well, even that beats the foil sock dog.

Oh but back to the dogs, the summer dog is on a pretzel style roll which soaks up the habenero sauce and is pretty damned awesome with the cucumber hiding underneath the dog all crunchy like and cooooool. The Old Philadelphia I think is my favorite, seeded roll, pepper hash and half sours, almost as good as Hawk's house. No ketchup or mustard needed here.

Since this is DRAWING for food, which we all know is what Hawk and I do for a living sort of living, I guess, here are some drawings from the game.

Signature Hot Dogs/ Hatfield stand
120'something of the Citizans Bank Park Stadium


Sam Spina said...

i would pay $15 for three of those

hawk krall said...

I can't believe you guys beat me to the hot dogs!!

Super stoked they are doing them split & grilled, really my favorite way to eat a hot dog.

That pepper hash looks sort of chunky, which I'm sure tastes fine but maybe not so close to the real thing (usually super finely chopped .. almost like a relish)