Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hot Diggity / COOK Hot Dog Class Recaps

Chicago Depression-style made w/ Vienna Beef natural casing, also served w/ fries

Detroit Coney w/ Winter's Sausage L-901 wiener and Keith's beef heart chili
Don't miss Drew Lazor's terrific recap of the recent hot dog class and tasting menu I did with Keith Garabedian of Hot Diggity. There's also some great action shots on Holly Moore's facebook page.

Pretty intimidating (and awesome) serving dogs to Rick Nichols Holly Moore and Scott Schroeder, probably the only people in Philadelphia who think about hot dogs as much as Keith & I do, and from whom I've definitely absorbed/lifted many bits of hot dog and Philadelphia food knowledge.

Keith (left) and myself (right)
At one point one of the fancy Rittenhouse ladies (who loved the dogs) said to her dining partner "It's like a cult, a hot dog cult!". Amazing.

May the Forcemeats Be With You : Hot Diggity and Hawk Krall Go Wiener-Crazy at Cook - Drew Lazor

Hot Dog Evening At Cook - Holly Moore

all photos - Drew Lazor / Holly Moore