Friday, April 22, 2011

Tamales Benedict

Caroline's delicious leftover tamales from today's Cook The Book recipe out of the awesome Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook.

Topped with ultra fresh local-pastured-organic eggs from Your Family Cow that made the most beautiful poached eggs I've ever seen in my life. Some herbs from the garden and a dash of Texas Pete. Best breakfast ever.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Prints!

New hot dog prints!!

Super cool hot dog place in Grand Rapids, Michigan that's been there since the 70's. No burgers and trying to order a "plain hot dog" might get you kicked out. Big thanks to photographer Mike Donk for tipping me off and sending awesome photos.

Old School Connecticut hot dog joint, one of many featured in the documentary A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour. Blackie's will also be selling these prints at the restaurant in a few weeks!

Rolf's Pork Store
Mind blowing traditional German sausage shop in the middle of Albany. Hand made frankfurters, kielbasa, ring bologna, everything smoked in house. Amazing.

Fricano's Deli
Awesome sandwich spot in Austin, Texas. Great sandwiches and a bunch of signature dogs including Chicago style and the Reuben Dog. They also do specials every once in a while like a pretty damn authentic Venezuelan Dog. The Reuben dog as well as a few of my other prints are available for sale at the Deli itself, thanks guys! My buddy Garrett Morlan has also done some awesome posters for them, which I'm fairly sure are also available to purchase.

All of these and more are available at

•Taco Prints
Also - these limited edition prints are only available at LATACO.COM! Only a few left!

Broad & Morris Hot Dogs

Thanks to Tim Gough for tipping me off to a hot dog cart that appeared out of the blue. Nothing fancy just some dudes selling hot dogs on Broad Street. The vendor told me they were moving around the corner to Morris (apparently food carts are not allowed on Broad?, or at least that stretch. He also thought I was from the health department after I took a picture ) but they will be there all summer.

My hot dog was sort of gray but the hot sausage was decent. Interesting system of topping your own dogs from plastic deli cups of chopped onions and relish. The meatball sandwich looked good, they do hot roast beef too.

Apparently this corner is street food central in the summer with Cambodians frying whole fish and all sorts of "stands" that are not much more than a flame and a piece of metal to cook stuff on. I really see no reason for me NOT to go out there with a grill and a sack of Sahlen's hot dogs, or maybe one of those awesome German grillwalker suits.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

La Copine

Nikki Hill from Barbuzzo and her sweet babe Clare Wadsworth are starting a sweet supper club soon and kindly asked me to help out with my crow quill penmanship.
Anything for these guys.

Atlantic City Dirty Water Dog

After the Atlantic City Beer Festival, half drunk from a few dozen 2oz glasses of Harpoon and Chimay, on my way to losing 30 bucks very slowly by betting 1 cent per spin on the slot machines. Couldn't resist this dirty water dog cart.

Delicious Sabretts dog for a whopping $3.75. The "red onion sauce" was a little sketchy and more like chopped onions in some tomato juice. Not as good as New York, but better than Philadelphia.