Friday, April 23, 2010

Nicky & Pete's Famous Hot Dogs

Apologies for the double post - this is also going up on Serious Eats today- but I just can't get enough of this place, and wanted to post more photos. I found it scanning the phone book for the words "hot dog" and honestly expected something ancient along the lines of APJ Texas Weiners.

Nicky & Pete's is deep in West Philly (actually Overbrook) in a tiny italian neighborhood that consists of maybe 4 blocks. Apparently everyone fled to New Jersey in the 80's. Down the street from an honest to god Italian Social club and next door to a cafe with guys screaming in Sicilian out front. When we pulled out the cameras we got a "you lookin for somebuddy?" and dirty looks. Awesome.

It's is also a full-on steak, hoagie and cutlet shop so I was expecting maybe 3 variations of hot dog on the menu, but there's 13. And 4 styles of fish cake sandwich: plain, the philly combo (with a hot dog) the "special" fish cake with chili and whiz (don't knock it til you've tried it) and "fish & chips" with fried potatoes. Amazing.

All the hot dogs were awesome. I didn't realize that they had pepper hash as a topping until I got home and read the menu. We tried a Philly Combo, Jersey Dog with fried potatoes, peppers and onions, Chili dog, Baltimore Dog with slaw and bacon, Nicky & Pete's special with whiz and special sauce.

All the signs of a serious philly hot dog joint are here- split & grilled dogs, fish cakes, lots of whiz, BOTH cole slaw and pepper hash (in case you thought they were the same thing, or even close). The steaks & hoagies and homemade meatball sandwiches look good too. Crab fries, pepper shooters, you can even buy fresh bread to take home.

Also if you go up here you might also want to check out the original location of Jim's Steaks right around the corner.

Nicky & Pete's Famous Hot Dogs
349 N. 64th St. (Near Callowhill)


Fred Sanford said...

Hot dogs are great, but that neighborhood hasnt been Italian in 15 years. Its ALL black and its one of the highest drug neighborhoods in the city. If he could get these hotdogs downtown, he'd make a mint.

hawk krall said...

I think the old timers standing out front speaking Italian might beg to differ.

But yes it does feel like a ghost of a neighborhood, which I find fascinating.

Agreed it would be great to have downtown, these are some of the best hot dogs I've ever had in Philadelphia.

Anyway it looks like the Philadelphia hot dog revolution has begun, with new dogs at White Dog Cafe, the Rennaisance Sausage Truck, Dapper Dog, and the Hot Dog shop planned for 18th & South, and new places popping up in the suburbs.