Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mexico on the Square

Tim had invited me to check out the University of the Arts Senior Illustration Show, which made me feel awkward, but was also inspiring. It also made me feel old because no one puts up originals anymore, its all computer compiled and printed out.

Tim told me we should get tacos around the corner on 15th and Pine. Hawk had tipped Tim off about this new taco place from the same people who owned the Savoy Flower shop ( Hawk you can correct me if I'm wrong)

The tacos were delicious, so were the sopes. My favorite the Al Pastor was spicy and the hidden pineapples were cooked down so they were extra sweet. The potato flautas were good, but I like my potato in the flautas to be more mashed inside, this was kind of like a potato wedge wrapped and fried. The kicker that made this place super awesome, was the green salsa. It was really thick and creamy. The cook asked us how our food was and we said it was awesome, and I inquired about the creamy green salsa.

He said "When I blend the salsa, not all Mexican people do it, but I add avocado so its more like guacamole."

Confirmed. Awesome.

Mexico on the Square
1511 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 732-1907


Becky said...

i recently drove by this and wondered if it was the same people at the flower shop. mmmm...Ill have to try this out

get in here said...

OK. Now I'm hungry.