Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ric's Bagels

I'm sometimes bummed that there isn't a neighborhood bagel shop I can get to in Philadelphia. But the closest has to be the bag of assorted Ric's Bagels I can pick up from Green Aisle Grocery. It gets there on Saturday and its pretty much gone by Monday. They are fresh and chewy and the everything bagel has chunks of sea salt that make them good all alone, or with a salad. Ric's has other delicious bread items like fluffy english muffins and eat the whole loaf cinnamon swirl bread that you can get if your not in a bagel mood.

But alas Ric's actual bakery is all the way in Lancaster, so thank goodness for Andrew and Adam at the Green Aisle.

Ric's Bread Bakery
24 N Queen
Lancaster, PA 17604
(717) 392-8385

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Javier Garcia said...

Kaplan's Bakery in NoLibs. It's well-worth the trip. We're talking about a no-frills Jewish bakery with some of the best bagels I've ever had.