Sunday, April 11, 2010

Artist Series: Awesome Amy

Drawing for food is founded by 2 illustrators who draw for food. A lot of our friends make art for food but also make awesome food, or at least really love food.

Amy Kauffman is an amazing artist as well as a crazy good cook. Sometimes I think Amy actually isn't my friend. Only because I tell her it's summer and I'm trying to lose weight, but she'll stop by 2 days in a row with fresh homemade cream donuts or fleur de sel chocolate caramels that she "happened" to make. What a jerk.

an ongoing project
November 1, 1974 to the present...1 for each day lived
folded gum wrappers

folded tootsie roll wrappers and
hand cast hydrocal picture frames

untitled (Trident)
folded gum wrappers

untitled (trident)
folded Trident gum wrappers

What's your favorite thing to eat in Philadelphia?

"That's a difficult question. In the wintertime, I get cravings for Indian food. When I do, our go to place is Karma in Old City because my husband took me there when we were dating and at the time it was close to his gallery 1Pixel. Plus the food is amazing. Their naan is addictive and the days their service is spot on, they'll bring you fresh bread that's soft and chewy that's perfectly charred. It's really indescribable the bite to this bread. "

Is your creative process better with a full or empty stomach?

"If I'm on a roll, I often don't require any kind of food and just like to have a glass of water on hand. If I have a creative block, I often have to tool around in the kitchen and make something to be creative and get myself to think about something other than no art production."

What is your favorite midnite art deadline snack?

"Deadline snack is usually something that has chocolate and peanut butter, something that satisfies both the sweet and savory requirements. If I'm installing, I often nosh on Haribu Happy Colas, and if I'm lucky I might find some Fizzy Colas which give me that added sugar kick, but they are hard to come by."

homemade chips, guacamole, and roasted tomatilla salsa

Chicken Pot Pie ( Amy won't give me the recipe but those are little floating homemade pieces of pie crust, and its pretty ridiculous overall, best chicken soup I ever had )

Taco bar: homemade corn tortillas
mexican style pulled pork taco with cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, sour cream
korean style bbq pork taco with red leaf lettuce, pickled daikon, and kimchi cucumbers

homemade fried cheese ravioli with parmesan, parsley and homemade marinara

Here's Amy's guacamole recipe:

Guacamole Recipe
sharp knife
2 bowls
reamer (isn't necessary)

2 Ripe Avocados
1 Jalapeno
1 lime
salt (sea or kosher)

cut avocados in half
remove seeds
place in a bowl and mash with a fork leaving some chunks in for texture
cut the jalapeno into tiny bits (for heat leave white ribs and seeds in/ for milder flavor remove white ribs and seeds)
toss jalapeno bits into the mashed avocado
slice lime in half and squeeze juice with a reamer or by hand into the avocado and jalapeno
add a pinch of sea or kosher salt into the mix, stir and taste to see if it needs to be seasoned further
put everything in a new bowl and serve with chips


JohnFreeborn said...

My wife isn't a "jerk", she's sweet.

Kris Chau said...

a little "Too" sweet if you ask my extra body roll that I have to attend to

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this is my favorite post. very creative broad