Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Philly restaurant tchotchka

Just picked up this shot glass from The Pub at a flea market this weekend. If you missed my earlier post the Pub is an old school steakhouse still open in New Jersey that had multiple locations in Philadelphia in the 60's.

Figured I'd also throw in a scan of this Levis' matchbook I recently picked up on ebay for 2 dollars. Levis was another legendary Philadelphia spot, serving up hot dogs right off of south street from 1895 until the early 90's.

There are rumblings of a Levis' rennaisance going on. Amazing beverages -you might know their line of Elliot's Amazing juices, especially if you lived in the suburbs of Philly in the 80's- owns the rights to the Levis name and recently reintroduced Champ Cherry Soda, soon to be available by the case at Bell Beverage at Front & Oregon.


get in here said...

Have you done a shot yet and blessed the glass? No? Do it!

hawk krall said...

Not yet! Maybe tonight.