Monday, December 27, 2010

Daily News

Check out this article in the Philadelphia Daily News about Drawing For Food and a bunch of other awesome Philly food artists - Mike Geno, Matt & Gina and also Martha Rich who Chau interviewed here a while back.

Great article overall although I cringed a bit at the gratuitous use of the word "foodie" (my hatred of the term a relic of my restaurant days, when it meant "those annoying people out there taking pictures of the bread, talking about Bobby Flay and pronouncing things wrong" which pretty much describes me now anyway).

We also talked about the "Best Of Philly" post that we did in 2008 and basically committed to doing another one, so watch for that in the near future. There's even a video where we ramble on about hamburgers and Chau draws an entire mural in about 5 seconds. Enjoy!

Daily News - How a hot dog led to their food blog

Daily News - Artists' food cravings become savory creations

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Everybody gets barbecue sauce!

Made with - delicious Heaven Hill whiskey, vinegar, crushed tomatoes, brown sugar, molasses, vanilla bean, mustard seeds, and 3 different dried chilis.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Buy Our Stuff!!

Just in time for the holidays! Buy some awesome stuff made by us and/or stamped with the Drawing For Food seal of approval.

I've got a bunch of new giclee prints available including a brand new Philly Cheese Steak print and lots of new hot dog designs. Also highly recommended is Mark Kotlinkski's documentary A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour on DVD and a great deal for both the DVD and a sweet print of the artwork.

•Cheesesteak and Hot Dog Prints - $29 each from
•A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour - $7.99 from

Chau has some amazing new prints on her site as well including the famous Smoke Monster in a giant poster size for $65 or mini-prints (great Idea Chau) for only $18.. printed by our wonderful friends at Silicon Gallery Fine Art so you can be assured these are pretty much the best prints you have ever seen in your life.

•Smoke Monster Prints - $65 / $18 from

Then just released is this wild tote bag I designed for Philly blog Foobooz featuring an illustration of the bustling East Passyunk corridor. Great for carrying home your haul from Green Aisle and Tom's Meat Market.

Foobooz also has a bunch of new T-shirts for sale.Or for even more stuff with my art on it don't forget the Serious Eats reusable shopping bag and VendrTV wallet that I did this year.

•East Passyunk Tote - $15.00 from
•Epic Sandwich Shopping Bag - $10.00 from
•VendrTV Wallet - $25.00 from

Earlier this year Drawing For Food interviewed Martha Rich who among other things has been doing these amazing food paintings of cakes, pies, hamburgers, hot dogs, and I think a Filet-O-Fish. There's tons still available at reasonable prices.

Martha Rich original paintings, $100-$300 from

I have this old Tim Gough print hanging on my wall of a hairy dude thinking about hot dogs and coffee. No longer available, but Tim has tons of brand new prints and shirts in his store that he screens by hand in his basement while drinking coffee and probably eating hot dogs. Free shipping until December 20th!

Tim Gough Prints and Clothing, $10-$32 from

If you're looking for books related to food other than Bobby Flay's Gluten-Free Chipotle Mayo Christmas or an oversized coffee table book about cupcakes from the discount bin at Costco check out our wish list.

#1 on my list is Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin who is pretty much the Daniel Johnston of the culinary world. Watch I Like Killing Flies, a documentary about his restaurant and life and you will be an instant convert.

Next up is Carolyn Wyman's Great Philly Cheesesteak Book, a terrific guide to the history of almost every notable Steak spot in the Philadelphia area. I have this and love it. Only 11 bucks on Amazon. Another one I own and love is John T Edge's Fried Chicken- An American Story. 8 bucks and absolutely essential.

Or check out Hellbent For Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook which Caroline reviewed earlier this year for Serious Eats. Don't be scared by the cute cover... This is NOT the lame collection of "funny" recipes like "white trash mac & cheese with tater tots" from the backup bassist from Korn that you might expect. These are actual good recipes written by dudes in real black metal, thrash and grindcore bands like Amebix, Gorgoroth, Sepultura, Kreator, S.O.D., and Mayhem. Amazing.

Of course this list wouldn't be complete without a selection of hot dog gifts, so if you're dying to pick up a $7000 european hot dog cooker or a sweet retro Jimmy Buff's T shirt check out my Hot Dog Gift Guide on Serious Eats.