Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Dog Of The Week Update

Citizen's Bank Park - South Philly Dog

Phillies fans picked the South Philly with broccoli rabe, long hots and sharp provolone as their signature hot dog. I stole Chau's photos and turned it into Hot Dog Of The Week. I thought the big controversy would be about which dog they picked but instead it became a raging message board battle about the inferiority of skinless hot dogs.

Hatfield Grill Cart
Citizens Bank Park Stadium, section 125
Philadelphia PA

Fat Frank's - Bellows Falls, Vermont

This place was one of my favorites from a recent trip to New England. Natural casing dogs, new england buns, amazing house made chili cheese fries, and lots of local microbrews.

Fat Franks
92 Rockingham Street,
Bellows Falls VT

Danny's Drive In - Stratford Connecticut

We hit a traffic Jam on I-95 on the way here from Vermont, had to pull off the highway and blow through a million red lights in a rented truck to make it before they closed. Risked life and limb but so worth it. Deep fried dogs on toasted rolls and heavenly slaw that tasted like vanilla.

Danny's Drive-In
940 Ferry Boulevard,
Stratford CT

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