Saturday, June 16, 2007


Eating at home with someone is different from me eating alone.
When I eat alone I eat wierd crap. Like burned cheese or burned rice. I like condiments. I like toasted shredded cuttlefish on hot rice.
When I'm cooking for more than me, well I can't expect them to eat toasted cuttlefish with me. So I attempt to make pretty nice looking tasty food. Here's a few meals this week. Theres seared sesame crusted tuna steak and strawberry salad we had on Sunday. On the weekdays we toss an entire chicken in the oven and roast it, so we had barbeque chicken and peach salad for two days. Tim made the mini loaf of cornbread the second day. It was delicious toasted with butter and honey for breakfast.


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Becky said...

that tuna looks yummmy. i'm even hungrier now.