Saturday, June 16, 2007

Small Foods vs. Fatty Glory

I read in the NY times that the world is retaliating from the small food trend. Large plates of overwhelming fatty food were going to come back with avengence and California clean cuisin will die in it's oily spit. With steakhouses opening everywhere and Momofuku Ramen serving sweetmeats or delicious parts of pig from Mario Battali, I await the rest of the world getting awashed with this food tide. Soon maybe we'll be spreading marrow on our toast. I can't wait.

Untill then though, I will ohh and ahh over tiny meticulously plated cute food.

Here are some shots from super hip *Bar Ferdinand.

A delicious cheese plate with quince cubes, tuna croquettes, charred watermelon with prosuitto, delicious brussel sprouts, asparagus flan and the most delicious tomato salad. The dessert flan was okay, but who can argue with flan ever? We had churros too but I prefer the ones at **Apamate.

* inspired by the most beautifully well illustrated childrens book of a bull who would rather smell flowers then fight. ( as I wipe a tear from my eye thinking about it)

Bar Ferdinand
1030 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123

**Most delicious and well priced small plated food in the city.

1620 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 790-1620


hawk krall said...

small foods are fun for tasting a lot of different stuff. but I also think the trend is abused as a way to make big $$ with very small amounts of product. Tapas done with love and attention is awesome. Amada would be an example of this, banging food, incredible. When I ate at Bar Ferdinand the plates were kind of sloppy ( presentation wise) and the food not that exciting. Thought Apamate was better for the money and better atmosphere...

saya@Tokyo said...

i like seeing piles of big food on the table.