Friday, June 8, 2007

Dim Sum and Dad

My Dad loves him some good Dim Sum. So does my brother for that matter. Actually the Chau Family we're big eaters. My Dad is 63 and will still eat 8 lobsters at a seafood buffet. Any less and my moms says "you waste money". My brother Keenan will still eat 5 fried bananas after a hot sweaty game of street ball.

Back to Dim Sum. My parents favorite place in Honolulu Chinatown is called Mei Sum Dim Sum. The Shrimp Gau came with a delicious dallop of sweet custard and there was a surprise scallop in the Taro Gok. Everything was cheap and delicious. My dad took on the chicken's feet with a vengeance. Since it's Hawaii, at the end of the meal my dad likes to drink half of his water glass and then fill the rest with hot tea. The very chinese waitresses yelled at my brother which my dad did not like.

More pics of great lookin' produce in Honolulu Chinatown.

Mei Sum Dim Sum
65 North Pauahi Street Suite A

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Becky said...

WTF why aren't there any good dim sum places in Philly?! or are you just keeping it a really good secret?!