Sunday, June 10, 2007

Grandma In San Francisco

My Grandma lives in San Francisco. She has 13 ( that I know of ) grandchildren. She travels all around the world for weddings, babies being born, and for fun. Yet her greatest joy is sending all these grandchildren packages. Especially me, who she thinks is lost somewhere on the east coast without proper chinese/vietnamese resources. Here are the contents of her latest most amazing package.

Grandma's Package
3 rolls of Ritz crackers
1 can of lowfat Pringles
1 Vietnamese shredded dried beef jerky package
1 bag of spicy shredded cuttlefish
1 ziploc of dried cranberries
1 ziploc of strange dried fruit
1 ziploc of Haw Flakes
1 ziploc of Pork Fu ( the cotton candy of fried dried shredded pork)
1 ziploc of what seems to be Chinese Butterfingers
1 can of "luxury wafers"
1 instant Kim Chee Noodle
2 packages of Top Ramen

All stuffed in a random unmarked shoebox.


Becky said...

save me some cuttlefish

Anonymous said...

chau your grandma is too cute. haw flakes are the best. i only know about them because of you and your grandma's shoebox treasure packages. let's drink plum tea together this winter.