Saturday, June 9, 2007

Philly Summer Lovin'

This may be a slight deviation from food talk. But when I first moved to Philadelphia I was pretty much ready to move back to the Bay Area because people were mean and it was cold. But then I met all my favorite people the following summer and I am still here. People don't tend to make new friends in the cold.

Yesterday instead of our normal Friday dinner date, Brielle and I decided to lie around in the park like beached whales. So I bought fresh berries from Sue's my favorite produce place on 18th between Sansom and Chestnut and Boylan Lemon Seltzer from Di Bruno Brothers on Chestnut.

So here are some photos from that lazy day. Along with some beautiful Philly homes and some awesome oilcan grills we saw some dude making. And the most beautiful laundromat on Sansom street.

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