Friday, June 8, 2007

Eating on Newspapers

My family eats on newspapers. You just roll it up and throw it away. Amazing and convenient! I got the comics page growing up and my dad got local news.

Going home to Hawaii is mostly about eating. After a 12 hour flight I try to eat as much as I can.

Once my two good friends Brielle and Caitlin planned a party about foods they grew up with like egg salad and meatloaf kind of food. And I wasn't allowed to go if I made what my mom made. My leftover food was fried rice. So I was told to bring someone else's mom's food. The party never happened and I never made someone else's mom's food.

Well I could never make my mom's food very well anyways. Here are some pictures of the home cooked meals that I miss while living on the East Coast. There's my mom's beautiful fried butterfish and green mango salad that I couldn't even try to make here. And of course delicious kalua pork that reminds me of growing up in Hawai'i.

I love that ad for treadmills.

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Becky said...

My next trip with high school friend, Kate, is Hawaii. I figure we can handle the beaches together, but I know I'll have to eat this amazing food alone while she's at the nearest starbucks.
MMMMMM....i'm getting really hungry. I love the way you talk about food