Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Best OBAN-YAKI in Tokyo

Oban-Yaki is one of the best street food found in Japan. It's a Japanese waffle with a tasty surprise inside. Bombay Bazar in Daikan Yama, Tokyo, can give you the best Oban-Yaki possible. The fluffy crust hugs the warm sweet bean-paste just right. It will be steamy hot on your plate... OISHII NE. Everything on the menu here is 100% natural and organic. Try the blueberry Oban-yaki too. It's only about a doller!!!
Don't forget to go up the stairs to OKURA, they have a great selection of product made of AI-ZOME (Japanese traditional denim) and Japanese inscents.

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Kris Chau said...

ahhhhh my favorite ( besides miitarashi dango) those are way bigger and fluffier than the ones I've seen in Hawaii. whoa pangs of jealousy are entering my heart and the need to visit you in japan grew! Better get ready for me and those reservations to the Hayao Miyazaki musuem!