Saturday, June 9, 2007

Moe's Hot Dogs

I love hot dogs. And this might be the greatest thing to happen to me, at least this summer. Moe's Hot Dogs is hidden in Gray's Ferrys wierd concrete desert. We went on a 95 degree day and I while I was seeing wiggly heat lines on the sidewalk I kept thinking that there couldn't be anything out here. I was wrong, hot dog heaven lay ahead.

Moe's is awesome because its clean and simple and has a beautiful tin roof. The service is super nice and the portions are more than I could handle (not speaking for Hawk). The dogs were so big I think they were in hoagie rolls. I got a Moe's dog with saurkraut and spicy mustard on a beef frank, a side of fries and a chocolate shake. Hawk got a philly fish cake and hot dog combo. I asked him what a fish cake was, and he said it was fishcake. I tried it, it was pretty much a fried fish patty, a fishcake.
The chocolate shake was icey and eatable and that light chocolately flavor I love with fries. None of that fancy shmancy super thick over powering 6 dollar milkshakes you see these days. Just a delicious 3 buck or less tall cup of milkshake.

They have breakfast and lunch that includes much more than hot dogs. Which I plan on discovering and devouring all summer long.

Moe's in Philly ranks right up there with my other favorite hot dog places in Oakland, Casper's, Caspar's, and Top Dog. Yum.

Moe's Hot Dogs
2601 Washington Ave, Philadelphia 19146
Btwn Grays Ferry Ave & S 26th St

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ryonutsjp said...

hotdog, hotdog,
hotdogs and coldcats!
you know it`s hard to get good hotdogs in japan.
i miss topdog and casper`s.
and i sure wanna try Moe`s
and i know i`ll dig it.