Thursday, February 25, 2010

Village Whiskey

Finally made it to Village Whiskey. Recently deemed the best burger in Philadelphia. Went for the standard burger with russian dressing and bibb lettuce (as opposed to the 24 dollar foie gras burger). Pretty great burger, I'm down with the soft sesame bun and minimal garnishes. The bottom half of the bun was soaked red with burger juice, but somehow managed not to fall apart - maybe because I ate it in about 3 minutes. Also the famous duck fat fries covered in short ribs and cheddar sauce, fantastic.

Lunch is the way to go here, there was no wait for a table (which can get brutal around happy hour / dinner ) and the menu is the same. The modern rustic thing they have going on feels real and comfortable. Pretty much all of Garces' restaurants win as far as design & service go. If I made a million dollars a year I would just sit at the bar all day drinking expensive whiskey and eating deviled eggs.

Village Whiskey
20th & Sansom


mere musketeer said...

you should review cochon sometime. you don't need a million dollars, and i guarantee our pork is cooked by the chef/owner and not via sattelite by the kitchen stadium studios.

mere musketeer said...

that sound s har sh. no offense

hawk krall said...

hahaha I love Cochon but don't really get the comparison because you guys don't serve duck fat cheese fries or whiskey.

think Garces does a much better job of keeping his restaurants up to snuff (and less dumbed down for the masses) compared to some of our other multi-restaurant operations.

Kris Chau said...

I as well love cochon, and I agree its a different place, I am a huge fan of your escargot. maybe we'll take a drawing for food trip there.....