Monday, February 8, 2010

Flounder Hoagie - 16th Street Seafood

For most people in Philadelphia a hoagie means italian meats and sharp provolone. Tipped off by a kitchen co-worker a few years ago, I became aware of this mysterious "Fish Hoagie" .. a corner store soul food staple. At the time it sounded sort of nasty, especially when the only place I've ever seen it on the menu is a store with triple-thick glass and 6-packs of raspberry flavoured malt liquor for $4.50.

But it makes sense in a city that was once known for it's seafood, and biking down 16th street I kept passing this place with neon signs for fresh seafood and hoagies. 16th street seafood is basically a fish market with take out sandwiches and bean pies. Crab Cake, fish cake, trout, flounder, whiting. Tim got a crab cake sandwich that was just OK but my flounder hoagie hit the spot. Basically a Po-Boy, breaded & fried fillets with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Massive pile of crab fries for 3 bucks. I'm thinking deeper digging into the world of Fish Hoagies could uncover some serious hidden gems.

16th Street Seafood
16th & Tasker, Philadelphia

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