Tuesday, March 2, 2010

caviar and vermont beer

In Vermont a few weeks ago; Jake & Caroline brought up some caviar that they bought out of the back of a truck in Brighton Beach or something (9 dollars for 4 ounces.. and it was good). I haven't made blinis in over a year but in my line cook days made at least 10,000 of these god damn things for banquets and hors doeuvres and every single one had to be perfect. Anyway I wasn't sure I still had the magic but they turned out great.

Also lots of vodka and some crazy Vermont beers. Vermont is pretty amazing, everything is cheap, people are nice and everyone looks like the hippy version of the LL Bean catalog. It gets a little bit on the quaint side with the covered bridges and Garrison Keillor blasting out the windows of every hybrid car.. but the drunk townies at the gas station and growlers of local beer for 8 bucks made up for it.

If you want to find some dirt cheap russian caviar in Philly I would give Net Cost Market in the northeast a shot.


Caroline said...

It was more like $17 for 4 ounces but still an incredible bargain and the quality of the caviar itself was pretty incredible.

Cameron Salt said...

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