Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Dudes

When I moved to South Philly from Graduate Hospital, I admit I was bummed.

Trash tumbling around, no Sue's Grocery, no Pumpkin Market, No Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market to buy Asian Pear butter. But no more, thanks to Artisan Patisserie Boulangerie,Ultimo Coffee, Fond, and my weekly food fetish palace, Green Aisle Grocery!

All the things I love, small boutiques, specialized food products, small jars, home-madey lovey filled things and puppy friendly. It's my own tiny food porn fetish shop, and my favorite food porn peddlars Andrew and Adam. This is where I buy my weekly organic grassfed whole milk in a beautiful glass bottle and with joy spoon out the cream on top to eat with toast and jam. This is where I take home a tiny pint of hydroponically (spelling?) grown local heirloom cherry tomatoes, and smoked black peppercorns and this makes me more happy then new shoes ( well..maybe the same). They support local businesses and farms by carrying BBQ sauce from the Pub and Kitchen, Chili from Cafe Con Chocolate, Pumpkin Bread from Bibou, pear butter and canned peaches from 3 Springs Farms and so much more.

I know I probably sound like a food snob jerk.
Don't get me wrong I love a hole in the wall and I will eat probably eat a delicious chicken wing after I dropped it on the ground, but well designed bottles of delicious cucumber soda?

Take all my money.

Green Aisle Grocery

1618 East Passyunk Avenue / Philadelphia PA 19148 / 215.465.1411


Anonymous said...

Maybe there's trash tumbling around where you live, but don't characterize all of South Philly that way. I believe there's also trash in some places in center city as well.

Kris Chau said...

That comment is sweet. If you read my post, I live in South Philly and I LOVE IT! Belive me I know that there is trash all over Philadelphia and don't worry I am working on "Keep Philadelphia Beautiful Posters"

kevin said...

I live in south philly too, and I know the whole neighborhood is covered in garbage! Why don't we have any trashcans!?!