Monday, January 25, 2010

My House

Tonite we made Lemongrass Shrimp Coconut Curry and it cost us about 12 bucks for the 2 of us. It made me realize that I am crazy for not buying more seafood living in South Philly. I live by Ippolito's. I also live in an Indonesian Cambodian nieghborhood so all the asian bodegas always have 5 limes for a dollar ( or sometimes 10 for a dollar) and fresh cilantro and lemongrass. In fact coconut milk, limes, and cilantro cost me 3 dollars. So tonite's meal was courtesy of the fruits of my neighborhood.

I also wanted to share my secret rice shoveling ingrediant, deep fried red onions or shallots. This little container is why I look down upon the fried onion cans that go on green bean casserole. These fried goodies taste delicious, stay crunchy and I put this all over rice, ramen, and coconut curry. Even better mix this with crushed peanuts and limes, who needs anything else?

Ippolito's Seafood
1300 Dickinson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147-6214
(215) 389-8906


hawk krall said...

I was so angry the other day at whole foods, i think "organic limes" were like 89 cents each.

I was screaming at the limes and people looked at me like I was crazy.

The Asian grocery on 16th & washington has them 10 for a dollar, i dont know how they even make money.

It's amazing how affordably you can cook great meals for yourself here if you stay away from supermarkets...

Becky said...

I am making fried shallots to put over my orange salad tonight! Isn't that weird b/c I just saw you and didn't tell you I was about to go buy shallots and now I am home reading about fried shallots on your blog?