Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Savoy Flower Shop - Torta Milanesa

I wrote about Savoy Flower shop's surprisingly good tacos a while back, and realized that I never posted the incredible sandwich I grabbed from there in December while walking home from Rittenhouse with 45 bags of Christmas presents. Breaded chicken on a mexican roll. Lettuce, tomato, refried beans, roasted hot peppers, avocado, cheese, maybe some mayo in there too.

Savoy looks like every other slightly dilapidated flower shop slash grocery in center city, except for the hand lettered signs for tacos and tortas. It's a one man kitchen in the back, and honestly I always expect my food to be sketchy because it doesn't seem like anyone else ever goes in there for anything. But it's always fresh and delicious and I'm blown away. According to the sign they also do hot dogs and cheesesteaks. Don't know if they are doing tijuana / sonarans but I'm sure I could just say "give me a hot dog with all the stuff on it". The lone cook is very friendly and happy to oblige your requests. Apparently they also have Tamales on the weekends.

I've actually noticed a lot of the south philly taquerias doing cheesesteaks / burgers / etc.. wondering if they are just american style or ?? My imagination sees steak sandwiches overflowing with pico de gallo, roasted jalepenos, queso fresco and sriracha...

Savoy Flower Shop
262 S 18th st


Javier Garcia said...

I went to this place yesterday because of this post. I have to admit that I was hesitant because I saw nothing inside. I ordered the chicken torta and it was incredible. The sandwich was enormous and could totally be two meals for light-eaters. I might go back in a few days and try the steak torta. Good recommendation!

hawk krall said...

Thanks, glad you gave it a shot! I think it's the same guy that made my tacos 6 months ago.

Regardless of how the owners take care of the place this guy really rocks out the food.

Yeah last time I went by they had pulled out all the grocery shelves.. hopefully they are putting in tables for eating and not closing up shop.

Javier Garcia said...

I went for a second taste of the torta but unfortunately I couldn't get one. Only a spicy roast pork burrito. It was equally amazing. I also managed to get a bit of info. They're not closing, just moving either later this month or next month. I think they're heading down to 15th and Spruce.

hawk krall said...

New Place is OPEN:

Mexico On The Square - Meal Ticket