Monday, January 25, 2010

Green Eggs Cafe

Why is it that I can't get breakfast on the weekends in this town because Philadelphians LOVE going out for breakfast! And there is a lack of breakfast places so they are always packed! Green Eggs Cafe opened in South Philly and is already full of people waiting for a shortstack. What's not to like? Clean comfortable, lots of daylight, cute Ikea plants on each table, and cute people. It's kind of like eating at a place your friends own, you overlook any flaws because you want it to do well and the food is yummy. So who cares that they are out of bacon or the fryer is broken. My Kobe Sliders were perfectly cooked and so good with the moist potato bun. It's rare to find a burger that's tasty without a delicious condiment oozing out of it, none was needed, it came with a quail egg and some truffle oil.

Carrie had a warm spinach salad that was very Penny Dutch and the warm bacon dressing was lovely.

Green Eggs Cafe
1306 Dickinson St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 226-3447

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