Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 - the year in hot dogs

I ate a lot of hot dogs in 2009. Between combing coal mining towns of western maryland for obscure regional variations and cooking up batches of natural casing dogs shipped in from upstate NY covered in homemade cincinnati chili, a large portion of my life has been devoted to eating, cooking, writing about and drawing hot dogs. Check out this set on Flickr collecting some of the highlights of this experiment in hot dog anthropology so far.

2010 is going to be tough. Most of the hot dogs I want to write about this year are far away and require travel for first person research. I'd like to experience more hot dog variations in the flesh rather than just relying on other people's blogs or whatever. Wealthy hot dog enthusiasts or publishers are of course welcome to give me piles of money to travel the world in search of obscure hot dog variations.

Having "hot dog correspondents" is a big help as well. Anyone willing to send nice photos and detailed descriptions of regional hot dogs get in touch. I can't promise I will write about everything, but if you follow this blog or Serious Eats you can get a pretty good idea of what I'm interested in. The most I can offer in payment is a beautiful 11 x 14 giclee print of the finished artwork.

I actually eat less hot dogs than you might think. I try to keep hot dog consumption limited to research purposes and special occasions. When I'm at home drawing I eat things like Quinoa with kale and chickpeas.

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hawk krall said...

Oh yeah.. in case you're interested, the dogs pictured above are, from top to bottom-

• Cream cheese dog & Slaw dog from Crif in NYC
• Zwiegel's dog cooked at home
• 24th & Passyunk hot sausage
• Zweigel's dog, raw