Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am certainly not the resident hot dog expert here on Drawing for Food, but since Hawk has yet to make his way up to Bark in Brooklyn I figured it was worth a post. Bark has been my go to hot dog joint since it opened last summer for a number of reasons. Their hot dogs are made upstate by Hartmann's, a beef and pork blend that is juicy, snappy, and a happily a little bit longer than their side toasted buns. The draft beer comes from Six Point, locally brewed and a steal at $4 a pint and $15 for a growler.

Great hot dogs and reasonably priced beer are all great reasons to make your way to Bark but my absolute favorite part of this place has to be the toppings. House made everything-pickles, oak aged kraut, chili, beans, and the best cheese sauce ever. Unlike other places in the city these toppings aren't meant to disguise subpar dogs, they're just there to enhance them.

With dogs this good you'd think that the sides would be an afterthought but the fries and onion rings are incredible. The fries are fat food thin but crisp, peppery and taste like real potatoes in the best possible way. The only thing I can say about the onion rings is that I didn't like onion rings before I tried the ones at Bark.

I guess the highest compliment that I can pay to Bark is that no matter the size of my party, I have never ordered less than six hot dogs. They're just too good.

474 Bergen St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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hawk krall said...

those dogs look amazing.... nice photos!