Monday, June 8, 2009

Walt's Steaks

Found myself in a U-Haul in Delaware County sunday morning and came across this awesome looking Steak & Shake shoppe in Clifton Heights. It's been there for 70 years and has an awesome soda shop vibe complete with a diner style counter and tons of old signs.

Cheesesteak was really good, with broccoli raab and american cheese, (delco is not really whiz country) nice soft roll and lots of meat, but not so much that the sandwich fell apart. The Roast pork was good but unfortunately while the cheese & bread were hot the pork itself was cold. The one guy in the back seemed to still be learning so hopefully this isn't a common occurence. Anyway I hate to talk smack about a place that looks so cool. The fries were incredible, piping hot, crispy and salty. Good fuel for moving a truck full of drywall.

329 E Baltimore
Clifton Heights PA

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