Monday, June 1, 2009

Mrs Wilkes Dining Room

Opened in 1943 in what used to be a boarding house. Mrs Wilkes worked the kitchen until she passed away in 2002. Her family now runs the dining room that still makes the best southern / soul food I've ever eaten.

Mrs Wilkes is only open Monday through Friday, 11am til 2pm. No reservations, 16 bucks a person, cash only. Get there early and stand in line. It looks tiny but actually seats around 80 people. You are seated with total strangers at tables quickly cleared and restocked with big bowls of sides and sweet tea. Then comes plate after plate of fried chicken, meat loaf, pork bbq.

Sound like pretty standard fare but everything I tasted was incredible. Maybe it was just the atmosphere but I've never tasted food like this in my life. Pinto beans, black eyed peas, sweet potatoes, butter beans, potato salad, turnip greens, creamed corn, boiled cabbage, everything chock full of bacon and pork of course.

The meat loaf blew me away, as did the dressing (stuffing), biscuits, cornbread. Fried chicken was amazing, as was the sauce slathered boneless pork BBQ. Talk about making simple food incredible. Even the simple banana pudding passed out on cafeteria trays for dessert blew my mind. Easily in my top 10 meals of all time.

Mrs Wilkes Dining Room
107 West Jones St / Savannah GA

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Caitlin Stone said...

As a former Savannah resident, I am SO happy you guys covered Mrs. Wilkes.

I still dream about the stuffing and banana pudding.