Monday, June 1, 2009

McGlinchy's Hot Dogs

I love the fact that this place hasn't changed in the 10 years I've lived in Philadelphia. I think the beers went up 10 cents and I was happily surprised that they have PBC's kenzinger on tap ($8 a pitcher!!). Primus and the Dead Milkmen are still on the jukebox. And chili dogs are still available for $1.25 from that creepy little "kitchen" in the back of the bar.

The presentation was nicer than expected and the chili had that dark burnt tobacco taste that goes great with an ice cold $1.15 glass of beer. The buns were not stale, and the dogs were much better than the 3 day old "bahama mamas" I often consume from 7-11.

I'm not sure what the exact law is, but I think serving food allows taverns here to be open on sundays, so you see older bars all over Philadelphia that have one creepy food item available, thus the McGlinchy hot dog. These laws are also responsible for the awesome phenomenon of grocery / delis that sell take out beer and have a sketchy dining area in the back. (like Locust Deli on 21st street- full menu and actually a decent breakfast)

259 S 15th Street

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