Monday, June 22, 2009

Crif Dogs

I've been hearing a lot about Crif Dogs on St Marks St. in Manhattan, and PDT; their "speakeasy" next door that can only be accessed by placing a call on a pay phone inside the hot dog place which opens a hidden door and allows you entry to a super amazing secret cocktail bar.

Sounds like either the best thing ever or a gimmick to sell overpriced hot dogs and 15 dollar drinks. For me the best hot dog in new york has always been the bright red, ultra cheap dogs at Papaya King and Gray's Papaya.

We were there too early for the bar (opens at 6pm) but until then it's BYO and there's a beer store on every corner. And the dogs were really really good. The bagel style deep fried dog with cream cheese, green onions, and everything bagel topping sounded really bad until I tried it, and whoa it's genius. Slaw dog was good and the Tater Tots were kind of amazing. I wonder if they make them from scratch, probably not but they were really amazing for some reason, super crispy and hot and without that freezer burn taste you usually get...

Also tried their mexican dog which was decent. Wrapped in bacon with avacado and mayonnaise. Had a really good mexican dog at SPTR last week too.. although word is you need to go to mexico or san diego for the real deal. Anyway we never made it to the bar but these hot dogs are worth the trip by themselves.

Crif Dogs
113 St Marks

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s. said...

this place is the shit. beer and hot dogs and fast? you just can't get that in philly.