Monday, June 29, 2009


Shaw's Lobster on the Harbour was lovely, really easy, really fresh and not expensive. Check out this arty farty Lobster photo.

Shaw's Fish and Lobster
129 Rte 32, New Harbor, ME 04554


Phoenixvillian said...

That looks delicious! But for those of us who have yet to visit Maine, what's considered "inexpensive" for that type of meal?

hawk krall said...

wow did you pick out & arrange that tray yourself or did it really come looking that good??

I dunno about chau's meal but when I was in maine last summer, whole lobsters were $4 a pound on the side of the road..

Kris Chau said...

It came out looking exactly like that, the teal tray is what makes it actually, this meal 2 lobsters 1 coleslaw, 2 rolls, baked potato, was 28 bucks, maybe not the cheapest but i thought It was awesome.