Sunday, June 14, 2009

Noble an American Cookery

I love going to restaurants that make me feel like I could be anywhere. Noble made me feel like I could have been in San Francisco, Portland, New York, Austin, or Philly. The place is great looking, has a rooftop herb garden and all local sustainable seasonal menu. I know that it seems pretty cliche at the moment, but the food wasn't silly or repetative of any other restaurant in Philly.

The drinks alone were impressive. Fresh mint, lemon oils, egg whites, fresh ginger beer, blueberry smashes, cayenne pepper all made it into my drinks that night. I would come back just for the ginger beer alone.

I just graced the bar menu but I cant wait to come back for the regular menu. The watermelon feta wings/porkbelly was the best flavor and eating experience I've had in a while. It was spicy good skin, tender and not dry, and the watermelon soaked up the spicyness but refreshing

The chickpea fries with tomato preserve were my winner. I asked for a spoon.

Oh and the sugar cookies served with my sorbet, they were warm, that fact alone calls me back.

Hawk its your neighborhood, Nicki will love it. xo

An American Cookery
2025 sansom street
philadelphia, pa 19103


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hawk krall said...

watermelon feta wings? sounds crazy I'll have to check it out. Never noticed this place I probably walk or ride past it twice a week.