Sunday, April 12, 2009


So I couldn't eat at an Indonesian restaurant and not try the durian juice. Durian is a southeast asian fruit that smells sort of like raw sewage but a delicacy for some. The waiter didn't want me to order it.

The drink was ice cold and thick like a milkshake, and in the words of one of my friends, "smelled like rotten peach juice strained through a diaper full of dirty cat litter". It does have a very distinct, sort of ammonia-sulphur odor, but the weird thing is when you drink it, it's sweet and smooth but pungent at the same time. It sort of gives you a rush, and then you drink more.

Anyway the food is really simple and delicious. Spicy chicken soup, coconut beef, fried banana, chicken satay, pork and shrimp noodle with egg, all served family style with sides of blistering hot sauce. Lots of other stuff on the menu I 'll have to try soon - coconut milk marinated fried chicken, oxfeet tendon soup, lots of frog and lamb.

Great, friendly service, we got a history on the properties of durian (apparently good for "romance", and in the winter to warm you up) and $40 total for three people, amazing.

1725 Snyder
Closed Monday


Anonymous said...

swweeetttt something in the neighborhood thats not the south philly tap room to go eat at.

hawk krall said...

Did go again recently - the lamb fried rice is incredible.

Tried the coconut marinated fried chicken, I had to beg the waiter to let me order it, he kept saying "it has the bone"... well doesn't fried chicken usually?

It was definitely not what I expected, pretty much half a chicken marinated and thrown in the deep fryer, charcoal black and served with a big pile of innards.... not pretty but you know what, aside from some of the innards being rubbery it was delicious.