Monday, April 6, 2009

little pete's best reuben

Little pete's is probably my favorite restaurant atmosphere in the city, if it ever closes I might have to move. Awesome staff, big greasy photos of the food on the wall, a tiny kitchen packed with dudes rocking out to reggaeton on their ipods. Always the best mix of people and unapologetic diner fare.

No wraps, no seared tuna sliders, no veggie burgers.. no long winded explanation of the specials, just "whaddaya want", endless coffee and your plate of hot delicious food slammed dawn in front of you about 3 seconds after you order it. Steak fries right from the freezer into the fryer- delicious. And the reubens are the best in philadelphia, period. Ive never had a bad one. Milkshakes are huge and come in the ice cold steel cup.

Unfortunately the place was way too packed to sit down so we got take out but I just couldn't resist taking some shots of my reuben dripping with russian dressing, cheese and kraut. The only drawbacks are that If you do go at 2am, it's packed and there's usually some wasted jackass starting fights with everybody. Which can be funny until he throws a burger at you or something. They deliver 24 hours but to a very limited area.

To be honest I dont stray to far from my usual order and I'm tempted to take an adventure into their dinner specials one of these days - fried fish, liver & onions or chicken croquettes. Or maybe an "individual can of sardines" cold deli platter.

Little Pete's
219 S 17th St
Philadelphia 19103


Anonymous said...

one of the dirtiest places in philly. Bathroom if you can call it that is a disgrace. Philly still needs a real diner. Petes was so much better 10 years ago. The only thing i get is a coffee milkshake to go.

hawk krall said...

it's a diner dude. maybe a little rough around the edges but the food moves fast enough that everything is (probably) pretty fresh.

And the kitchen is open, they aren't going to mess with your food.

If you don't like character stick to marathon and continental. I bet you their kitchens are dirtier than you think.

alex said...

This is one restaurant that i will never miss in our Philadelphia dating getaway! Thanks for the post! The food looks so delicious!