Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beer Table

Whenever I go to New York I feel like I should eat somewhere legendary like Gotham or Babbo or La Bernadin.. maybe making up for the time I spent living here as a vegetarian (yup). But with a seemingly endless supply of affordable, comfortable places to eat in Brooklyn without wearing a suit, it's tough. Almost everywhere I ate this weekend made me think.. why isn't there something like this in Philly?

Beer Table was a perfect example.. a tiny brunch menu- waffles or baked eggs and a few cold small plates around 3-5 bucks a pop. Everything simple, fresh and good - super thick bacon, haricot vert salad, beer cheese, radishes with salt & butter for 2 dollars!... which sort of makes up for the awesome beer list which ranges from 5$ to 30$... wooden butcher block style tables with bench seating - the whole place only seats maybe 20 - 25 people.

The beer was right on too... I like beer, both cheap and not so cheap, but don't like to think about it too much. The recommended house draft & german Grut Bier (blonde/coriander/citrus/etc) were both great and perfect for a 90 degree day but not so exotic that you couldn't chug it like a high life. Beer Table also wins the prize of being the only place we found the whole weekend that wasn't packed to the gills all day and all night. They also do a tuesday night tasting menu for $25.

Beer Table
427 B 7th Ave
Park Slope, Brooklyn


Anonymous said...

one of the reasons why there are not more interesting places, has to do with the old quaker laws which limit liquor liscenses, making them very expensive. my other theory is it takes balls to do cool shit, no matter how simple it seems. people in philly tend to play things safe, and try and accommodate everyone.
anyway, places like beer table, spuyten duyvil, and terrior are great for their simplicity, execution and price.

Robert Sammons said...

Ok, my Brooklyn born and raised gf and I get into some arguments about who has better, simpler food. Sometimes we disagree in opposite directions... her pro-Philly and me pro-NY (perish the thought). To say that Philly is still stuck in it's Quaker ways is ignorant and stupid in the least. We've been over that since Tate became mayor and tore down the Republican/Quaker machine that once ran the city. Now we have a dirty corrupt Democrat machine that drops bombs from helicopters on its citizens... but I digress. I love the Duyvil, but I'll put it up against the Grey Lodge in the NE and a place like Standard Tap or it's sister Jonnhy Brenda's. the 700 Club is more hipster than any part of gentrified Brooklyn. My gf is from REAL Brooklyn... Marine Park.