Monday, April 27, 2009

Yonah Schimmel

I lived in New York for 5 years and somehow never ate one of these, don't know what the hell was wrong with me, eating those sketchy $1 knishes from the hot dog carts and thinking that was it.

Thank got this place is still here, they were out of celery soda but black cherry is almost as good.

Yonah Schimmel
137 East Houston Street


J. STONE said...

Hey Hawk! You never had one at Kaplans (3rd & Poplar St)? I started a blog, jstoneillustrations.blogspot, check it out, not sure when I would see you since I'm not part of Topstitch anymore. Thanks for all the art support!

hawk krall said...

I'll have to try Kaplan's.. been by there a zillion times but never went in.

And thank you for putting my art on the walls!