Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuthilltown Distillery

Stopped here earlier this summer - micro-distillery outside of New Paltz, New York. Literally two shacks and a staff of maybe 3 people surrounded by cornfields. Actual artisan, small batch action here - all the grain comes from within a few miles.

Unfortunately they were closed for tours (although I got a peek into the distillery shack) but the gift shop (shack #2) was open and they do tastings for 10 bucks. We tasted 4 different whiskies each - including some crazy super-exclusive limited edition stuff that no longer exists. Also you get to keep the glass.

Tuthilltown produces the Hudson line of whiskies that are almost impossible to find in Philadelphia. Corn whisky which is sort of like upscale moonshine and awesome. 4 grain bourbon and their Single Malt are also incredible. I may never go back to 9 dollar bottles of Heaven Hill again.

Bottles to take home were a little steep at 40 bucks for a small bottle- that is until you start looking for it in Philly and it's more like 40 dollars a glass. But you can feel secure that your money is going to a couple of dudes with a plot of land and a still and not just something made in a factory with a faux-eco hipster shabby chic logo thrown on there.

Tuthilltown Spirits
14 Grist Mill Lane
Gardiner, NY‎
(845) 633-8734‎

Where to get it in Philadelphia
Village Whiskey - $36 for 2oz
Joe Canal's Discount Liquor - Jersey - $??

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Chris Buecheler said...

Tuthilltown Rye is fucking delicious.

Also, what's up? You know what was a weird experience? Living in Park Slope in 08/09 and walking over to the Pratt campus with my wife to show her around. "Yeah, so that was where Hawk and I threw our tub of sweet-n-sour sauce full of cigarette butts and pepto bismol out the window and it froze on the side of the building."