Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smucker's Hot Dogs and NFNS

Drawing For Food went to the casting call for The Next Food Network Star (well, Chau auditioned, not me) and get ready to watch her on TV because the only competition were some hard luck looking line cooks and middle aged housewives from south jersey talking about eggplant. Oh and a scary looking pepto bismol plastic faced woman with pink high heels, pink lipstick and a pink apron.

Afterwords we hit up the Reading Terminal and went right to Smucker's for some Amish hot dogs. It's a great stand that I think used to be just a butcher / deli but now they do breakfast sandwiches, sausage, even a pot roast sandwich drowned in gravy that looked amazing.

The dogs are not natural casing but are of Lancaster origin and delicious. Short and fat franks covered in kraut. Also the hash browns were delicious like Mcdonald's style but better. It's worth noting they are open on the days (at least Tuesday) that the other Amish stuff is closed. So if you come to go to the Dutch Eating Place and it's not open Smucker's is a great plan B.

Smucker's Grill
Reading Terminal Market


Philly Phoodie said...

I hope you killed it. I am so sick of the mediocrity that makes it to the show. Good luck!

Dennis K. said...

Somehow I thought Kris Chau was a dude,haha. But good luck to her! I found out I have a day business trip to Philly beginning of October. Definitely going to try to hit this market up maybe before my flight back in the morning the next day. Any other suggestions besides Pat's and Geno's? And what's your verdict? I guess I'll have to try them both... :)

hawk krall said...

I sort of think that show is targeted towards the more mediocre demographic but I still watch every season, sometimes just to yell at the TV.. anyway hope they call her back..

As far as Cheesesteaks go I prefer Pat's to Geno's but they are both decent even though locals hate on them. It's a smaller sandwich, sliced meat on Amoroso or torpedo roll. Phil's is similar with shorter line at 25th & Passyunk.

Check out some past cheese steak posts-
drawingforfood/cheesesteak for some more picks!

Dennis K. said...

Awesome! Thanks Hawk Krall!

Philly Phoodie said...

I also watch every episode. Mostly to predict what lame contestant is going to beat out someone I would actually watch. Like Tom this past season.

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Hawk Krall, it was a short trip but enjoyed Philly a lot! Reading Terminal Market was amazing. Was only able to check out Dinic's though.. Wish I had one of those competition eater's stomachs and try everything I wanted. Can't wait to be back to Philly again soon! Cheers