Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sky Cafe

O was reading the Philly Weekly and Adam had reviewed a new Indonesian Restaurant called Sky Cafe, right by where we lived. I already love that strip of West Ritner, and now I love it even more. I really love a new Indonesian Cafe in the heart of a very Italian neighborhood.

When we got there the first thing I asked was what they liked on the menu. The reply,

" White People like to order this ( points to something )"

Um, yea.

" That isn't what I asked, I asked what do you like to eat here "

So we got the Soto Medan, coconut broth chicken soup with rice noodles. It came with rice and shrimp chips.

Um delicious, the fried potato on top, yum.

So then we were addicted and came back and ordered the Nasi Lemak ( Fried Chicken or Beef Rendang, coconut rice, fried anchovies with peanuts and pickles in peanut sauce) and the Emie ( gravy with lo mein noodles and a hard boiled egg ) Today we had the Kari Bihun, rice noodles in coconut curry broth and a fried egg (which is a fried hardboiled egg, the Indonesian Scotch egg if you will!)

All amazing and delicious, Eddie and Betty are our favorite people.

Here is a sweet description from their facebook page:

"A new Indonesian restaurant just established in the heart of South Philly with the touch of Medan taste. The chef who is originally from Medan ( capital city of North Sumatra ) has more than 20 years experience in catering business. Try our delicate homemade egg noodle, it will bring your memory back as if you are in Medan or Jakarta again."

The anchovies and peanuts teri kacang we bought in a bucket to go because it was the most delicious thing, fried, sweet, peanuts salty, best beer snack. If they started selling the assorted pickles in peanut sauce I would buy that by the bucket too.

 Sky Cafe
 1540 Ritner St
Philadelphia, PA 19145
(215) 271-1983
Open everyday 11-8
Closed Thursday


Anonymous said...

hello. i've been to Sky Cafe twice in the past week and really love it. can you tell me the name of the dish photographed--the second (and third) from the top? i'd like to try it. thanks!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, i meant the name of the dish pictured third (and fourth) from the top. thanks!