Tuesday, September 28, 2010

F Train to Kotakemukaihara Station

Byron and Jill on the F Train   
 Soba House, so stoked 

yummy somen noodles in smokey miso broth with potatos and carrots

oolong High, oolong tea and sochu

um comfort yummyness

Chicken Karaage, fried deliciousness

Saya giving out the yummy sauce

handing out the grated radish

Tempura god

Sukiyaki udon

hair twins

Right up the hill from the Kotakemukaihara station from the F train line in Tokyo is a little old soba house that is Saya's favorite.

I of course am staying in Shibuya and she politely told me that the food in Shibuya sucked and was expensive (which is true, its kind of like touristville) so to come up to her neighborhood.

Which was totally worth it.

The statement of the evening was "Isn't this Tempura GOD?"

It sure was. Oishi!!!!!!!

Not pictured here but deserves ample notice, was the absolutely delicious Zaru Soba, and of course the Duck Soba. Um yea, duck soba, delicious broth.


Natalie Suarez said...

the fried food looks sooo good!! i want! :)


miss mosley said...

wow! i want somesss.

Jamie said...

but where is this in the world?

Kris Chau said...


This is in Tokyo, specifically right around the corner from the Kotakemukaihara train station on the F train.