Thursday, September 30, 2010


The hardest part about driving across the South to eat hot dogs was NOT stopping at every barbecue shack and brightly colored exotic regional fast food restaurant along the way. Anyway after a few days of focus we broke down and pulled into a Krystal which are all over the south.

Sort of like White Castle but with more variations, double and triple stacked sliders, chicken sliders, hot dog sliders, anything you can imagine. I held off on ordering the whole menu and grabbed a sampler pack. The slider was your standard steamed gray patty, pickles, onions, and not as good as white castle.

But the chicken was awesome, and the mini hot dog was actually good, with real gas station American chili and cheese which was a nice break from all the heavily spiced greek-style hot dog sauce we'd been eating.

Check out the menu and you'll be ready for a 12 hour drive to grab a sack of sliders and a banana pudding milkshake.
Wikipedia - Krystal (Restaurant)


Kris Chau said...

holy cow yummers

marc@burgatory said...

Krystal beats White Castle hands-down. 12 hours? Sounds pretty reasonable.