Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fox Bros BBQ

I have been to a few of the bbq places in the Atlanta/Decatur area. For me the newly opened Fox Bros is ranking highly up there.

For starters I cannot deny any place that has fried pickles. Truly one of my culinary addictions. Serve that up with fried jalapeno's and tater tots.

The baby back ribs and chicken had a sweet smokey taste from hours of quality hickory smoking and a dry rub. The baked beans were good along with the green beans cooked with stewed tomatoes and a porky broth.

Let the pictures speak.

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hawk krall said...

damn that looks good.
I didn't find any bbq worth posting last week (georgia and south carolina) but I probably didn't look hard enough.

believe it or not some of the best I've ever had was a few weeks ago at Abner's bbq in Jenkintown (philly suburbs) unfortunately I didnt have my camera