Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pub and Kitchen

Ignore the Rittenhouse suits and cable knit clad women. This place was awesome.

The Pub and Kitchen was a lovely dining experience. Hands down High Fives all around. From the Pabbit as there logo, to the nice staff, to the simple well done dishes. Good beer on tap, well done cocktails, and a wine list that's got a good under 10 bucks selection.

This made me ache for my old neighborhood even more.

The Fish and Chips were deicious and light, with the best tasting mushy green peas I ever had. There was a little bit of mint, maybe a potato, but I almost got an extra side to take home. The fries were perfect with some malt vinegar.

Becky had the Lobster BLT which I had a bite as well, and that too was delicious. The lobster was sweet which was good with the bacon.

We also had oysters, which were fresh and delicious, and the duck liver toast which came with the right amount of cornichons and mustard to share. I have to go back for the malt vinegar potato crisps, the best part is all the bar snacks are 3 bucks. Which is smart, because just having that will make me drink more.

The Pub and Kitchen

20th and Lombard


Becky said...

I am going back this thursday! Can't wait!

hawk krall said...

had skate wing there which was fantastic.. then a burger which was damn good. only problem is this place gets packed, and people crash into your chair every 5 seconds.