Wednesday, September 24, 2008

chicago dogs

so it's nice to go to chicago and try out some of the fancy new restaurants where truffled bacon chips hang from wires and chefs pump blueberry caviar smoke into your face with strange gadgets, but what I really wanted to eat was some chicago hot dogs.

a hot steaming dog covered in whole pickle spears, diced raw onions, sliced tomato, hot peppers, celery salt, yellow mustard and neon green relish, delicious.

first stop was "Mister J's dawg and burger" which we stumbled past after eating a deep dish pizza (also delicious) but couldn't resist the glow of the yellow and red sign. pretty good and garlicky. No poppy seeds on the bun or celery salt though.

the next night we were wandering out of some dive bar and saw yellow lights in the distance and ended up at clark dog which for some reason also has philly cheese steaks (didnt try) but the dogs were delicious. also there is a bar next door which sounds like the prefect place to me.

then we sought out the wiener's circle which is know for insane screaming matches between the customers and the staff late at night. we were there during the day and the staff was very pleasant which was sort of disappointing but the dogs and fries were fantastic. with 2 pickle spears and giant thick slices of tomato it was like eating a hoagie. also wiener's circle "char-dogs" are available grilled (most seem to be steamed) which is great.

there's also hot doug's which has wild stuff like fries cooked in duck fat, corned beef reuben sausage, all kinds of stuff but we didn't make it there this time..

Mister J's Dawg n Burger
822 N state st

Clark St Dog
3040 N clark st

Wiener's Circle
2622 N clark st

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