Thursday, May 29, 2008

APJ Texas Weiner Restaurant

So in what used to be a hooker and porn choked section of the city (13th and Arch) lies one of the few remaining old school philadelphia hot dog joints.

They even have the "fish cake sandwich" -pretty much the holy grail of philadelphia cuisine, at least for me - which is a deep fried fish cake on a hot dog bun with chili and/or cheese and mustard.

A Texas Weiner with "the works" comes split and grilled with chili, mustard and chopped raw onions on a short & stout roll. It's really messy and really good. Next time you're in the area stop buy and grab one before they tear it down and put in a starbucks.


Anonymous said...

does anyone know the recipe, for the Greeks secret sauce, from the Greeks on broad and Snyder, in south Philly

hawk krall said...

Whoa "The Greeks" is a super old school name for Texas Wieners on 15th & Snyder (more history on their website).

Don't know about their recipe, I would say get some to go and try to figure it out?

Also there are a LOT of greek sauce / texas wiener sauce recipes floating around but most of them are New Jersey, New York, or Detroit / Michigan style (or just plain made up)and probably not super close to South Philly sauce, although they are all probably similar.