Monday, May 12, 2008

Daikokuya Super Ramen LA

Super Ramen, the broth is made in a undisclosed location in a cauldron with pork bones boiling overnite. This is what I hear at least. This place in Little Tokyo had the most delicious Ramen I have had in  a long time. And I waited a long time for it. We had hoped that writing down a Japanese name on the waiting list would make the wait faster, it didn't work. 

They specialize in the tonkatsu pork broth and if you like you can ask for Kotteri I think for extra pork back fat for flavor. 

The noodles were firm and delicious, but the broth still steals the show, oh and so does the delicious hard boiled egg floating around inside. 

The best part is that you can get a small ramen and get a combo addition of a small sashimi bowl or tonkatsu.

This is what I miss most about California, Ramen my ultimate comfort food.

327 E. 1st St
LA, CA 90012

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Tia said...

Omigod, Kris! That ramen looks so gooooood! I really miss good Asian food. :d