Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yocco's Hot Dog King

Northeastern pennsylvania is a mysterious world of forgotten towns, winding country roads, flea markets, abandoned palace-sized hotels, bikers and pierogies. Yocco's hot dogs has been the "hot dog king" of the Allentown area since 1922.

So I guess I was expecting something short of amazing... unfortunately Yocco's dogs were mediocre at best. I liked the well-done grilled dogs but the buns were all smashed up and there's wasn't nearly enough of the "secret sauce".

The deep fried pierogies were awesome though. And the decor and atmosphere was like nothing else... A giant hot dog statue, floor to ceiling wood paneling, and dedicated locals in Yocco's T-shirts walking out with dogs by the dozen.

Maybe Yocco's dogs are an acquired taste? I might need to spend a week trying every hot dog spot in Northeastern PA -and there's a lot of them..

Yocco's 100
I-78 and Route 100

Yocco's - the original
625 Liberty St
Allentown, PA

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Caroline said...

Hey Hawk,
Check out the latest issue of Saveur, there is an article about hot dog places and Yocco's is featured.