Friday, May 16, 2008

Palms Thai Food LA

It's hard to find good Thai food in Philly, at least in the city. What I miss about the left coast is the abundance of cheap delicious thai food in large portions.
Palms Thai food had delicious food and we as a group happened to order the best combination of food.
The cilantro lime whole steamed fish was delicious. Cooked in a fish shaped steamer, Ako spooned lime cilantro soupy stuff on it and it cooked away and was the most delicious thing I had eaten in a long long time. It was super limey cilantro-ey perfect with the fresh tasting steamed fish. And of course came with a delicious chili and fish sauce type of condiment.
Pineapple fried rice, awesome, chunks of pineapple, cashews, some kind of curry seasoning type taste and raisins. YUM!
Yummy BBQ pork in a tastey fresh thai chili red sauce oh and Papaya salad with raw blue crab. I like my papaya salad a little finer, but only because I am spoiled by my mom's papaya salad.

We went during the day because apparently at nite there's a Thai Elvis impersonator and apparently it becomes quite the scene.

Either way, delicous and not expensive.


Palms Thai
5900 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5410
Phone: (323) 462-5073

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Anonymous said...

We were robbed!! and they still made us pay for our meal!!!!

Food is ok, but not worth being held up! friend and I were robbed while sitting outside. There was even a security guard on duty, but he apparently was too busy to notice that a deranged crackhead had come into the patio area off of Hollywood Blvd. threatening us and demanding our money and cell phone batteries. The restaurant was packed, yet not one member of the incompetent staff thought it was odd that there was suddenly a new guest at our table counting a roll of freshly-stolen cash.

Looking back on the night, the fact that the waiter screwed up our order, then spent several minutes belligerently arguing and refusing to correct his mistake almost seems almost like a fond memory in comparison. (Although, it did seem a little tasteless when he brought it up again after we were robbed...)

Don't let the seemingly reasonable prices fool you. Dinner for two for all of the cash in our wallets and a couple of cell phone batteries hardly qualifies as a deal.

Cons: EVERYTHING, from the rude wait staff to the incompetent security system to the blah food