Thursday, March 11, 2010


Delicatessen, in the former location of "Kibitz In The City" has been remodeled as a slightly upscale Jewish deli, and just opened a few weeks ago. Think Paesano's meets 4th Street.

We went with the classics - one turkey on rye toast, one pastrami, both with slaw and russian dressing. But there's also some newfangled business on the menu. The Philly Bagel Roll, a toasted bagel with wasabi cream cheese and tobiko roe; Bubby's Kitchen Sink Pho - probably the first ever viet/kosher fusion soup - rice noodles in broth chock full of pastrami, chicken and matzoh balls. The Jubano is exactly what it sounds like, a jewish cuban sandwich; then there's the Tuxedo Dog - a foot long all beef hot dog jammed with american cheese and wrapped in bacon.

The pastrami was delicious, slaw was fresh and bright, sandwiches came with 2 varieties of pickle - I'm into it. Definitely be back for that hot dog soon. Open for breakfast & lunch. Around $9-12 for a sandwich but they all come with a free side (slaw, potato salad, apple sauce, latkes, etc)

703 Chestnut St

•check out the menu here


Unknown said...

Love this blog, so it's funny to see how you covered the restaurant I work at!

hawk krall said...

crazy. well thanks for a great sandwich!